A two-track EP coming from Mark Jenkyns’ essential new ‘Name Dropper’ label, which has been crafted by Morgan Seatree and entitled ‘Something For Your Soul’.

The 19 year old, Manchester based DJ/Producer, Morgan Seatree has been highlighted as something of a talent from label owner Mark Jenkyns; who collaborates on the second track ‘Groove Me’. Infectious vocals have been selected with care on both of these tracks and the atmosphere they create is something to be admired. Furthermore incorporating his love for tribal percussion and pumping drums, ‘Something For Your Soul’ delivers on all the essential ingredients to make this two track EP a dance floor weapon.

Early support from Richy Ahmed, Seb Zito, Steve Lawler, Jamie Jones, Miane and Roger Sanchez. Name Dropper was launched in July 2019 by Mark Jenkyns:

“Name Dropper will be a home for my music and a place to work with friends and artists I respect – always in collaboration, where we can be free to stretch our creative and musical ideas – basically dropping a name I love, whenever I want.” – Mark Jenkyns

Morgan Seatree ‘Something For Your Soul’ and his collab with Mark Jenkyns ‘Groove Me’ drop on Name Dropper on 13th September 2019 on Beatport.




Artist: Morgan Seatree, Mark Jenkyns
Title: Something For Your Soul
Label: Name Dropper
Release Date: 2019-09-13





– jams
Jimbo James