The sixth release on the Modelers Electronic label comes from the boss, Modelers, and is a fantastic album entitled Galaxy. It lands on January 31st and is eight tracks of atmospheric deep house with plenty of fantastic synth drama and emotional melody.

Maia opens things with stormy pads above firmly rooted drums. It makes for an involving ride then Celeno explores celestial grooves with subtle stars twinkling above and that continues through the melancholic melodies of Merope, darker dramas of Pleione and lush synth turbulence of Atlante which heads more into techno realms.

The synth house masterclasses continue through Alcyone, Electra and superb closer Asterope which makes this a real emotional roller coaster of the highest order. Vital, varied but ultimately cohesive, this is an album that really moves you.

Maia is out 1/31/2020 on Modelers Electronic!

Artist: Modelers
Title: Galaxy LP
Label: Modelers Electronic
Release Date: 2020-1-31




Turn it up & enjoy!