Johnny Johnny label-boss Nico Mendez returns under his alter ego Modat for Johnny Johnny’s second vinyl release, “Bauer Beat EP”. JJW002 boasts 4 perfectly crafted deep minimal house groovers.

A Side
Late Night & Bauer Beat.
Late Night garners silky smooth chords and quirky squelching off beat stabs, which drop you right into sharp witty percussion rounded off with well placed haunting vocals forming a really slick all round groover. Bauer Beat chugs along peppered with intricate pops and blippy percussion that break down to allow a catchy rhythmic talking vocal done by modat himself and rising hook to take over. This one really catches your attention.

B Side
Money Walk & Aug Bar
Aug Bar immediately wraps you with warm chords, gentle percussion and one off vocal samples and rich stabs that evolve perfectly over the course of the track. This ones a perfect warm up tool.

Money Walk is definitely the dark horse of the EP and for the right kinda reasons. With a heavy weighted kick supporting chunky thick off beat bass stabs and sharp kit this one WILL move some air.

Bauer Beat drops on March 27th on Johnny Johnny



Artist: Modat
Title: Bauer Beat
Label: Johnny Johnny
Release Date: 2020-03-27




Turn it up & enjoy!