Fate And Fiction Recordings is a Bristol based label headed up by Thrilogy aka Lee Pattison and Joseph Cook. He previously recorded as Deepgroove, releasing on Rekids, Cocoon, Klang Elektronik, Junior Boys Own. The label is about organic, dusty sampling Deep House and Techno from Bristol artists and further afield, with the stunning hand-drawn artwork by local artist Anna Higgie. Previous releases from the label include Ishmael, Greymatter and Christophe.

After a year of parties around the city of Bristol, playing host to WOLF Music, Medlar, Red Rack ‘em, Alfresco Disco, Maxxi Soundsystem, Laurence Guy, Fate And Fiction are back with a heavy hitting EP. Opening with G. Markus, otherwise known as Ben Gomori (Monologues, Stern Edits, G-Edits) heading up this four-tracker. ‘Bassed God’ combines warm pads, chopped, swirling vocals and heavy sub bass. It’s a belter.

Label boss Thrilogy (OM, Futureboogie, Wolf Music, Omena) returns with ‘Remember This’, channelling hands in the air rave breakdowns with nods to UK garage in its bouncing bassline. Add in the soaring house vocals and you have a perfect peak time cut. N-Gynn(Superlux, Seven Dials Records) & Thoma Bulwer (The Bricks, Parasole Culture, Alternate Facts, Whasdat Music) are newcomers to the label with the rolling ‘Climax’. Heavy sub bass, synth stabs & breakbeat are the order of the day on this club-focussed gem.

Finally, Fate And Fiction welcome back Ment after his stunning debut on the label last year, ‘Vague Insanity’ supported by Gilles Peterson. This time he hits with Rhodes led ‘I’m Fading’ with spikey synth arpeggios, vocal trickery and warm synths, showing another side to an undoubtedly talented producer.

I’m Fading drops on March 27th on Fate And Fiction Recordings




Artist: Ment
Title: I’m Fading
Label: Fate And Fiction Recordings
Release Date: 2020-03-27




Turn it up & enjoy!