Another fistful of the funkiest flavours going from the label you can trust, Clarisse are ready and waiting to overload playlists and put themselves in pole position for when sunshine is 24/7. With label head Mendo taking charge of the lead lap on volume six, you get five grandslam grooves and big time bang for your buck, going deep into the heart of the beat.

Always running rings around opposition, Mendo struts his stuff for ‘Single Ladies’ – if there’s any doubt as to who the track is aimed at, a fur-lined vocal that would give Barry White a run for his money purrs over one of Mendo’s trademark shakedowns bringing the funk up from below. Classic techno cycles and Korg melodies add to a steely compilation frontrunner.

Two returning producers keep up the pace. William Marques, recently found giving Clarisse ‘The Feeling’, has the solution to ‘Make Me Move’; gliding with style, it’s a vocal house rendezvous licking its lips at energising the most static of bodies. Jorge Mattos retakes his place having starred on Clarisse’s fifth collection; making eyes across the club with the softly delivered R&B vocals of ‘Hidden’, soulful keys with plenty of pep in their step are key to a bubbling stream of vibes.

Volume six then brings Italy’s Piero Scratch and Davide Mentesana into play. The Traxsource-topping Piero offers his vision of ‘Verdad’: based on characteristic Clarisse rhythms that won’t sit still, the Scratch tactics feature Asian vocals that plunge in and out of the mix to put the track above the clouds and into an atmosphere of its own. Milan maestro Mentesana places emphasis on a strong, fluctuating bass stride when ‘Sending Love’, letting percussive fills and funky bits, and R&B octaves, naturally fall into place en route to where the party’s at. A house quintet ready for high-fives all round.




Artist: Various Artists
Title: Various Artists Vol.6
Label: Various Artists Vol.6
Release Date: 2022-03-11




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor