Another big year in store for Clarisse, promising to add minimal deep tech grooves and deep house sounds to its already plentiful armoury, and with label head Mendo starting their latest calendar campaign for dance floor supremacy. Having shown his ‘Diva’ side on Clarisse last year, Mendo’s achievements to date remain supreme, from the mass of remixes he’s whipped up to the multitude of different labels he’s produced for, plus his masterminding of Clarisse’s 20th birthday celebration year as a global event.

The equation for ‘Minimal Flavour’ is maximum energy made to look effortless. Quickfire hi-hats, a buoyant spin cycle of filtered techno chords taking FX along for the ride, a swift bass line bob rubbing the bottom of the track with a nimble touch – all looked after by diva vocals telling you that X marks the spot as far as where the party is concerned. Just a splash of this will have the dance floor covered.

‘Burning Side’ won’t put you off your stride, Mendo casually gliding and bubbling with clip-clop percussion, more deep techno synths switching the setting between sunup and sundown, and a mix and match of a classic house singalong putting all of its brain power into gear while a sneaky male snippet nudges up alongside. With both tracks rooted in the mechanical but made airy and athletic, Clarisse’s main man puts a spring in the step of 2021.

“Burning Side” is out on April 2nd, via Clarisse Records.




Artist: Mendo
Title: Minimal Flavor EP
Label: Clarisse Records
Release Date: 2021-04-02




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor