Madorasindahouse Records host a ninth brilliant EP with a new single from Megablast featuring Eribertho Cruz, with a wealth of great remixes from Pulsinger & Irl, Raz Ohara, Atsou, Andreas Weisz and more.

The original single is a brilliantly organic and afro tinged house roller. It is perfect for sunny terraces with its xylophones, ethnic chants and jumbled drums. Pulsinger & Irl Dub is a more acid laced and direct track for the club, Raz Ohara keeps it deep and zoned out, with thoughtful piano keys gently layered up top, and Atsou brings the spiritual vibes with deft synth lines and nimble bass getting you on your toes.

Andreas Weisz flips the track into something more driven, with warped bass and layers of hand claps, hits and toms as well as the standout original vocal all getting you in a trance and a radio edit and dub instrumental close out a richly detailed and worldwide package.




Artist: Megablast
Title: Vamos
Label: Madorasindahouse Records
Release Date: 2019-07-19





– jams
Jimbo James