Live electronic performers and true musicians, Medusa Odyssey land on connected with their stunning mix of live synthesizers, electric guitar, flutes, vocals and drum machines. The package also includes a special remix from the talented leftfield world and dub veteran Megablast.

Both hailing from Argentina, Medusa Odyssey have now been living and working in Ibiza for many years. Their music is deep house with a melodic tribal feel that is heavily influenced by their South American roots. Now they make a welcome debut on connected with some healing sounds for mind and body.

Opening this world EP is ‘Uluz’, an understated arpeggio groove which announces the start of a new day with rising shakers and wood blocks. A most beautiful bassline crosses the line between the vintage funk of MFSB and the score from Bladerunner.

‘Alma Vuela’ is an angular and spacious rhythm made of congas and synth drums which create a musical backdrop with cascading xylophone notes joined by a spoken word talk-over. This track perfectly describes a distant place. Lastly, the Megablast remix of ‘Uluz’ finds the artist re-imagine the bass in a more groove oriented manner so the track grows and breathes, advances and retreats , rather than changing. Like looking at a landscape of growth and decay or sunrise and sunset, it is subtle and disarmingly hypnotic.

Medusa Odyssey are a perfect fit for the organic house sounds of connected.

“Alma Vuela” is out on August 28th, via connected.





Artist: Medusa Odyssey
Title: Uluz EP
Label: connected
Release Date: 2020-08-28




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor