Following up on last year’s ‘Paradigm’ EP, ‘Profound’ doubles down on Martinesque’s psychedelic qualities. Geared towards the early hours, he’s served up three cuts of intimate ritual music with a focus on low-slung grooves and stripped-back atmospheres.

‘Profound’ leads us down the rabbit hole of progressive house music. It’s a modern take on the format, full of disorientating spatial modulation, brooding texture, and the emotional depth we’ve come to expect from the artist.

The B-side further illuminates this path. ‘Watercourse’ introduces a playful twitch to the palette, full of life-affirming echoes and melodies. Before rounding things off is the deepest track of the lot, ‘Blackbird” features compelling call-and-response vocals, continuously intertwining with its gently tripping bassline.

A meticulously assembled package, this record sees Martinesque deliver his most playful outing yet.

Martinesque ‘Deep Valley’ EP is out via Adam’s Bite on 17th September 2021.




Artist: Martinesque
Title: Deep Valley EP
Label: Adam’s Bite
Release Date: 2021-09-17




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor