Birmingham based Producer, DJ and Label Owner Marlon Kirk today releases a Soulful & Afro house infused floor filler, Standing Alone – which marks the 4th release this year on Unprincipled Records, his cutting edge 2019 launched sub label to Chill ‘TIL Late Records.

Kirk’s influences come from 80’s Soul & Soulful House in the early 90’s – mixed with a dose of Garage, Jungle, Acid and deep house, “Growing up in London, it was hard to get away from the Vibe!” he says.

His eclectic musical taste inspires him to produce a range of music from Deep moody minimal House through to upbeat & bouncy dance tracks. An emotional producer putting his surroundings, feelings & everyday experiences into each release – whilst his track titles give you a direct insight into his life. Future proofing on an undeniable slightly experimental sound, he has gained worldwide support from DJs such as Larry Levan, Jimpster, Luke Soloman, Shur-I-Kan, Dale Howard, Oscar P & Adesse Versions.

Standing Alone – Describes Marlon Kirk simply, however consciously – it tells the story and feelings of an empty hole, when emotions are running high and you can’t seem to get through to the one you love. When neither expression of voice or action changes the situation, Standing Alone expresses the feeling of despair matched with the euphoria of breaking through, finding a common ground to put life back on track.

A creative in his nature, Kirks; DJ sets aspire always to take the listeners on a journey with varying genres; Chillout, Deep, Soulful, Funk, Afro & and Classics on the deepest of levels – which you can also catch him playing weekly on his ‘Mind Deep Confusion’ Session on Pressure Radio, Sundays 10AM-12.

Marlon Kirk is known as a nocturnal insomniac, who fills late nights with Producing and release planning – which works in his favour when collaborating on new projects/remixes overseas, and is always up for connecting. As Label Owner of (Chill ‘TIL Late Records & Sub Label Unprincipled Records) he strives to bring his quirky edge naturally into his labels with his music, balanced by the tracks he signs. “My passion is Music of an underground nature and I will always bring you what’s in my mind… crazy, mind blowing deep rooted Music” says Marlon Kirk.

Standing Alone is out on 5/06/2020 on Unprincipled Records


Artist: Marlon Kirk
Title: Standing Alone
Label: Unprincipled Records
Release Date: 2020-05-06




Turn it up & enjoy!