Newly-minted Swiss imprint klaus:elle welcome Markus Homm to the label for the release of ‘Restart’, accompanied by remixes from Juli Lee and Garance.

Romania-born, German-based Markus Homm is a dedicated touring artist, DJ and producer, frequently collaborating with Mihai Popoviciu while making appearances on 8Bit, Bondage Music, Cyclic Records and home label Highgrade Records. His forthcoming EP ‘Restart’ on klaus:elle arrives shortly after his latest single ‘Holos’ on SLCTNS, and welcomes two dynamic remixes from Juli Lee and Garance.

‘Restart’ is full of icy atmospherics, intricate percussion and mysterious sonics, while Juli Lee’s remix reveals a spacey production with a succulent blend of layered melodies and tumbling synth grooves for an epic instrumental. On the flip, ‘Meye’ suspends listeners within a dimension of dubbed out house as serene pads float across psychedelic patterns, before Garance’s remix rounds out proceedings with a haze of cinematic emotions, paced compositions and brooding basslines.

Markus Homm ‘Restart’ EP is out now, via klaus:elle.




Artist: Markus Homm
Title: Restart EP
Label: klaus:elle
Release Date: 2021-11-10




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor