The 35th release on Motek Music and welcomes for the first time Marginal with a two track EP ‘Copan/Jardim’.

Copan takes on a subtle wobble and skippy feel with glide and movement within the bass and low synth lines. Lighter in feel this track is perfect for the earlier hours and in slight contrast to track two Jardim. This track is deeper and full of atmosphere, warm subtle chord hits sit behind crisp groove play and provide a strong bass for the gritty yet spacious vocals of Teresa Tomas.

Remixing this release we welcome back Jonny Cruz to the label and his remix of Copan, plus DOTT who has put his take on Jardim. Jonny has delivered a stripped back track based around very strong bass and percussive sections. Relentless beats mixed in with subtle ori ginal elements make for a track you cannot help but dance too. DOTT has kept his remix in a similar vein to the original but added a faster feel in the interplay between the bass line and chord stabs. The arrangement is complete with one hit synth effects that add to the movement in groove to the track and keeps a high intrigue and interest.

Marginal – Copan (Jonny Cruz Remix) [Motek Music]

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Artist: Marginal, Jonny Cruz, DOTT
Title: Copan / Jardim EP
Label: Motek Music
Release: 2017-07-31


– jams
Jimbo James