State Of Flow is back. After a 2 years hiatus since its last release, the Belgian label marks its return bringing into play South America rising talents Manglus and Guillermo de Caminos under their Aire Terra alias. With both guys busy keeping alive the vibrant local scene, the pair have provided two massive Latino-ish percussive originals that come packed with a remix by Roche Madame head Cesar Merveille. Title cut “Matoto Kush” opens proceedings in a minimal-techy fashion as pressing vocals meet captivating percussive layers and hollow rumbling toms. On the flip, “Africandombe” howls out a repetitive, hypnotic vocal, giving to the entire track an ancestral dimension, whilst twisted fxs and textures try to distract you from the loopiness mood. Rounding out the package, Berlin-based Cesar Merveille injects to the original a good dose of analogue harm. A massive gloomy bassline rumbles undisturbed underneath sliced drums and vocal chops, channelling his energies to pure dancefloor intentions.

Matoto Kush is out 9/09/2020 on State Of Flow


Artist: Manglus & Guillermo De Caminos
Title: Matoto Kush
Label: State Of Flow
Release Date: 2020-09-09


Turn it up & enjoy!