Fresh new underground house music coming our way from Majak & Diego Knows on San Diego-based label, Good Luck Penny. The title track of the EP Dream Theory, aka No. 4 was originally created as a deep groover with minimal styling and techno drive. An aim to bridge the gap of popular demand and underground sound. The ethereal soundscape painted across the track induces a hypnotic effect as the real bulk and drive is dancing in and out leaving the listener yearning for more.

Jay recently started a Vancouver-Brooklyn all vinyl label with our friend Tj McAu dubbed Witching Hour. Jay Tripwire’s Witching Hour Remix of No. 4 is appropriately named for this brand of low end minimal groovers. Jay’s been a long time friend and after he mastered the title track an otherwise casual conversation turned into an inspired studio session on Jay’s ended. I’m pretty sure what was originally a 3 day commitment to finishing the remix turned down into a single day session.

No. 4 EP drops on November 8th, via Good Luck Penny.


Artist: Maják & Diego Knows
Title: No. 4 EP
Label: Good Luck Penny
Release Date: 2019-11-08




Turn it up & enjoy!