For their 44th release, Ambious Records are proud to welcome Mahandana, who makes his debut on the label. Relatively new to the scene, Mahandana has already managed to hone in on his sound and has caught the attention of Ambious Records. His debut EP is a testament to what he has to offer in the future. The EP titled, ‘Die Weltanschauung’, consists of two world-class Organic House tracks, filled with percussive elements, groovy basslines, and euphoric symphonies that will leave you wanting more.

First up, the title track to the EP, ‘Die Weltanschauung’ is a top-tier track, with an offbeat groovy bassline, tribalesque rhythm, and uplifting harmonies that enhances the mood of the track and introduces us to Mahandana’s signature sound.

Closing off the EP, ‘Enchantment’, is yet another high-end caliber production with a focus on intelligent sound design and aural soundscapes that open your ears to a new dimension, please enjoy Mahandana, ‘Die Weltanschauung’ EP.




Artist: Mahandana
Title: Die Weltanschauung EP
Label: Ambious Records
Release Date: 2021-04-30




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor