Express delivery… Robsoul return to add a little positive flavour to our lockdown experience with three slabs of honest feel-good house music. Courtesy of longstanding Berlin duo Marco Resmann and Norman Weber, it’s high time Luna City Express made their Robsoul debut. And they’re making it in true style.

Pure DJ pleasure in three distinct directions: ‘Delight’ lives up to its name, taking the lead on a dreamy, sultry note that complements both the warmer months and these languid times we currently face. ‘Think About You’ takes things up a few gear and looks to mid 90s New York for inspiration with its church-like hypnotic hook and big diva vocal shots.

Finally that classic 90s US vibe continues on ‘Tribalism Disco’ where once again it’s all about that see-saw hook, chugging percussion and infectious vocal samples. Proper timeless tackle, beats like these were built to last. More positive flavours soon come.

Delight EP is out on 5/29/2020 on Robsoul


Artist: Luna City Express
Title: Delight EP
Label: Robsoul
Release Date: 2020-05-29




Turn it up & enjoy!