A dozen releases now to their name, San Francisco’s Manjumasi presents the “Levine’s Creatures EP,” an exploration of intricate and organic grooves from a duo of experienced Australian producers, Luka Sambe and Filter Bear.

The two originals on the package showcase the pair’s knack for unique sound design, with each track weaving a complex sonic tapestry of distinct elements into a unified groove. “Levine’s Creatures” leads with a bouncy, slightly two-steppy groove that underpins a haunting, spaced out atmosphere. “Rambler” follows that lead with a straight stomper of a groove, fat bass swells and dense layers of quirky rhythmic elements, melodic stabs, and swirling synth motifs.

The remixes on this package push the EP’s sonic palette in new directions. Ruede Hagelstein’s remix takes us into outer space dub territory, with an insistent driving groove setting the foundation for a more sparse arrangement. Here the individual elements are allowed to breathe and float mysteriously through the ether. Legendary producer Jay Haze turns in two interpretations that beautifully ride the line between chaos and cohesion, with seriously tripped-out edits and delay effects sending us down the rabbit hole while a killer bassline holds us firmly locked in the groove. The “Strictly Dub” version drops the percussion, giving the listener on a truly wild psychedelic ride.

Out May 10, 2018




Artist: Luka Sambe, Filter Bear
Title: Levine’s Creatures
Label: Manjumasi
Release Date: 2018-05-10


– jams
Jimbo James