With over 2 years in the making, the debut of Luis Leon on Nie Wieder Schlafen feels like a long overdue salvation. The highly explorative mind of Luis (Chapter 24, Kindisch, L’enfant terrible, Prosa Verso) has always fascinated us – and while the right moment has taken it’s time, his sound was always admired in some shape and form. At last, we were finally able to capture his vision in our framework, which allowed his sound to prosper in new ways. With incredible patience and careful selection throughout the last years of communication, Luis Leon’s debut comes with the name of “My Ears Have Tears”. The expansive EP holds 5 tracks, including a non-stop adventure with 3 deep and unforgiving progressive stories, gently held together in between 2 ambience projects, the later of them in collaboration with new and returning NWS talent Haider Uppal.

Artist: Luis Leon
Title: Take The Gun
Label:Nie Wieder Schlafen
Release Date: 2021-10-10

Turn it up & enjoy!