Loves Last Episode returns to Good For You for more dancefloor devastation.

Soaked in funk and dripping with desire, Loves Last Episode makes a welcome first foray into 2021. The LA-based artist has some serious releases on seminal labels such as Moulton Music, Salted and Midnight Riot, and has been a staple in Good For You Records stable for a hot minute. Anything this man releases gets an instant thumbs up from us, but take a listen and see for yourself why he’s one of our favorite artists at the mo’.

Like everything else LLE touches, ‘Annunaki Shuffle’ does not disappoint. The jam starts with sparse percussion which is then brought to life by Nile Rogers-like live bass, then a peppering vocal stabs and off-kilter bongo rolls add to the afro atmosphere. Midway through, warm pads roll in like your favourite blanket, vocal harmonies quickly build into a whole nother vibe, a deeper vibe, taking you on a journey through time and space.

‘Annunaki Shuffle’ hits the stores Feb 5th.


Artist: Love’s Last Episode
Title: Annunaki Shuffle
Label: Good For You
Release Date: 2021-02-05