The hazy, summertime, deep house vibe is in full effect, and no release demonstrates this better than Louis Dauvergne’s debut EP on Heat Up:

‘Philoso Fi’. A mix of lo-fi elements, classic Rhodes and gritty drums make all four tracks a crowd-captivator. ‘Bit Rocka’ fires off the release in a classy deep house fashion, followed by the techier ‘Robtool Again’. On the flip, ‘Nerd Myt’ brings the semibnal deep house sound to the forefront, while ‘Javel Shore’ closes the release with massive kicks and a chunky bassline that may land amateur DJs in the reds, but in the right hands is a no-questions-asked-club-crusher. On remix duties, we have the honor of welcoming Sense Traxx boss Simon Shaw with a deep, raw and energetic take on ‘Robtool Again’.

“Robtool Again” is out on June 14th, via Heat Up Music.




Artist: Louis Dauvergne
Title: Philoso Fi EP
Label: Heat Up Music
Release Date: 2019-06-14




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Senior Editor