The eighth release on the innovative Astrophone Records label is an excellent debut for Lorenzo Delfino. He provides one solo single and one in collaboration with Elum, while fresh remixes from Andrea Calandra and Claudio Masso seal the deal.

Delfino fell in love with dance music in his teens in Genoa, and soon put on his own events. They helped him grow his DJ profile and play places like Off Week and in Berlin, while his sound in the studio has developed into a melodic take on techno that is designed for peak moments in the night. Elum, meanwhile is a drummer, Astrophone and Trax artist and alumnus of the Fonderie Sonore school in Rome.

Delfino’s superb solo track ‘Full Moon’ is first and is arranged on a great set of chords and pads with a big melancholic pause and powerful drop at the end. It’s a spine tingling affair with sweeping synths and molten keys constantly carrying you away.

The excellent collaboration with Elum is ‘Jupiter,’ a darker and deeper cut built on two carillons that create all the mood of the track. Celestial leads and voices come in mid way through to take things to a new emotional level, and hi-hats and claps add real rhythm.

Andrea Calandra impressed on this label with his last release ‘Archetype’ at the end of 2017 and now remixes ‘Full Moon’. He goes for a brilliantly dark interpretation with hypnotic drums and a shadowy, unsettling atmosphere that will really get the club’s attention. Claudio Masso’s techno is supported by key players like Richie Hawtin and Claude Young, and comes on labels like Plus Records and Elektrax. His take on ‘Jupiter’ is an essential and urgent 130bpm version, perfect for your high octane sets with its driving, supple drums and mind melting synth lines.

This is high class techno throughout and another great marker for the Astrophone label.

Artist: Lorenzo Delfino, Elum, Claudio Masso, Andrea Calandra
Title: Full Moon / Jupiter
Label: Astrophone Records
Release Date: 2018-04-20


– jams
Jimbo James