Not So Lonely is proud to set sail with a release full of funk and soul, and drenched with California sun. This EP is a perfect example of what our captain Lonely Boy is all about. Handling performance duties on vocals, bass, guitar and synths, he’s created two timeless jams that are sure to become regulars in your favorite playlists. So put your top down, set the cruise control, and enjoy the ride!

Whatever, Whenever is out now on Not So Lonely!




Interview With Lonely Boy

Congratulations on the debut release for your new imprint, Not So Lonely!  What inspired you to start your own label?

Thank You!  I’m launching Not So Lonely because I realized my creative output has been dying in the search for ‘the right home’ for years. So, I’m creating an outlet that is free from the chains of external validation.

Can you elaborate more on that?

I came to the end of 2019, like many years before it, feeling like I didn’t have much to show in terms of creative output.  Last year I only released one single. ONE.  It really got me thinking about where I was as an artist.  ‘Am I tapped out?’  ‘Does this work not light me up anymore?’  Then, I came across a folder of songs I’d made , but had basically forgotten about.  Hearing this music on fresh ears (and a more evolved conscious) completely changed my perspective.  I wasn’t tapped out.  I actually had a good amount of output.  The songs just never went anywhere. They died in the search for the right home.  I realized this was a pattern that has been repeating itself for years.

So in this case, the external validation is the approval from a prospective label.  Is dealing with rejection problematic?

Rejection is a part of life, something we have to manage on a daily basis, and artists probably face more than most.  The challenging part is that It makes you doubt yourself.  ‘Is what I made not as good as I thought it was?’  ‘Does my music not fit in anywhere?’  It’s a bit of a mind fuck, because if you listen to your intuition, YOU KNOW when something is good.  We all have different tells – it may send chills down your spine, make you laugh and dance, bring tears to your eyes, or a stank look on your face –  whatever your tell is, YOU KNOW.  But when we shop tunes out to labels, we are relying on someone else to tell us if it’s good, or at least if it fits into their profile.

Do you think your music doesn’t fit in?

Art is subjective.  That’s the variable.  That’s also what’s great about it!  You can think a song or painting is incredible, and I can think it’s horrible, and that’s totally fine!  But, I truly believe that we (artists, humans) are at our best when we are authentic.  That’s what people connect to.  So does my music fit in?  I dunno?  Does it matter?  All I can say with certainty, is how something makes me feel.  If something I created brings tears to my eyes, or makes me laugh and dance, then I want to share it with the world.  Hopefully it makes other people feel the same way, but that’s completely out of my control.  All I can do is put it out there.  That’s where the label comes in.  It takes one huge question mark out of the process.  Going forward, I can create, release, and move onto the next.  Freedom!

The release notes describe NSL001 as ‘full of funk and soul, and drenched with California sun’.  The songs definitely sound fresh, but have a throwback feel to them as well.  Were they inspired by anything in particular?

I don’t recall having an acute inspiration source for these, but as artists we are the culmination of our influences, and I am clearly influenced by funk, soul & disco!  But the term ‘throwback’ has dual purpose in this case, as I made these songs in 2013!  They were part of the forgotten folder I came across a few months back.

Interesting. How do you feel about putting out songs that are 7 years old?

Well, they are only 7 years old to me!  The bottom line is- if it’s good, it’s good!
In the past I might have considered this a cop-out, but in regards to the whole ‘right home’ thing – I actually feel that these songs were just waiting for me to create the right home for them, and now I have!

What can people expect from the label moving forward in the future?

I still have some tunes from the forgotten folder to release, and then I’ll be going with the flow.  Deep, dirty, dreamy or disco.  Whatever lights me up is what you’re gonna get.

Outside of launching the label, what’s up in the world of Lonely Boy right now?  Any other cool projects or things you’re working on?

YES!  A bit of a departure from dance music.  I have been writing in a new project with two other artists since the beginning of the year, and the results have been beautiful!  Our creative process has been so open and free – It’s allowed me to flex different creative muscles and really step into my power and own my worth as a musician.  Also, I have recently started composing and scoring to picture, and am absolutely loving it.  Feels like I’ve found my purpose!

NSL001 – Lonely Boy – All Day, All Night, is available for purchase now

And enjoy the music video for All Day, All Night >>

Artist: Lonely Boy
Title: Whatever, Whenever
Label: Not So Lonely
Release Date: 2020-3-10




Turn it up & enjoy!