This Ep was built by 3 Mexican producers: Liturri, Chile (MX), Mr Sheffield. This Variety of songs is designed to sound on the dancefloor. An energetic vibe, influenced by house and the use of multiple synthesizers.

House o logic is a production made by Mexican talent, it refers to the variety of elements that you can find in a refrigerator, each composition represents one of each products on the cover. The tracks that make up this EP have a different flavor from each other and are made up of various ingredients. The perfect description for this job. A fusion of textures, synthesizers, percussions and vocals, make this EP transmit different emotions during its development.

House O Logic is out on 5/26/2020 on Candy Flip


Artist: Liturri, Chile (MX)
Title: House O Logic
Label: Candy Flip
Release Date: 2020-05-26




Turn it up & enjoy!