Athenian producer, Lex, making heads turn with his latest EP on Inside Out Records out June 12th.

Following the latest releases of After Altamont’s experimental LP “An Animal Orchestra” and Elijah Simmons’ excellent “Delphi”, Inside Out Records continues with its leftfield engagement. This time the London based label welcomes Lex to the family; the Athenian producer needs little introduction, as he has made heads turn more than a few times in his long and fruitful career.

His latest creation, “Dana Jicket”, is a minimal three-track EP which manages to capture the ear with its simple yet devilish effectiveness, serving not only the warehouse dancefloor but also the after-party. As words often fall short, we will let the music do the talking.

Lex – Dana Jicket (Original Mix) [Inside Out Records]

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Artist: Lex
Title: Dana Jicket EP
Label: Inside Out Records
Release Date: 12/06/2017


– jams
Jimbo James