“This unbroken love, managed to survive, even when all hope seemed gone, somehow it stayed alive.”

Leo Mas and Sally Rodgers are as relevant today as they were at the beginning of the house music revolution. The former continues a legacy that began in Ibiza, where he DJ’d the most fabled nights at Amnesia and pioneered the Balearic sound, and today produces wonderful grooves together with another great Italian DJ, his longtime partner, Fabrice. The latter has cruised the fertile fields of electronic music since the late eighties, at the forefront of idiosyncratic genre offshoots like acid jazz and cosmic Balearic as a producer, DJ and singer, along with musical partner Steve, as the U.K. duo A Man Called Adam.

‘This Unspoken Love’ offers a mellow euphoria, skywards pads and pulsating bass that coaxes a sense of something eternal. Rodgers sings of unspoken love surviving and recalls that faded dream of utopia, imagined on analogue synthesizers and broadcasted to pulsating crowds, all plugged in to the same feeling of immortal bliss.

“The north star still shines, the dream lives on. Sometimes you just have to close your eyes to sense it.”

This release features the vocal radio edit of the track. An extended and dub version will be released in August.

This Unspoken Love is out 8/21/2020 on Music For Dreams


Artist: Leo Mas, Fabrice, Sally Rodgers (AMCA)
Title: This Unspoken Love
Label: Music For Dreams
Release Date: 2020-08-21




Turn it up & enjoy!