Russia’s most prolific producer, Lay-Far, embarks on a great and highly personal journey with his latest long-player, War Is Over,  on his own, In-Beat-Ween Music label. Having previously made a home for his wonky house joints and expert re-works on such impeccable imprints as Local Talk, Basic Fingers and Razor-N-Tape… Lay-Far brings together a lifetimes worth of influences and experiences by creating an album that surpasses expectations and crafts a multi-layered yet integral work where edges between genres and scenes are consciously blurred. In this exciting and dynamic musical journey, we were able to pluck one tune from the collection to spotlight today and here we go:

“Over” is a rich, melancholic electro-funk infused groover that features the inimitable vocal talents of Stee Downes. Where as additional tracks on War Is Over  cover themes of consciousness and spirituality, joy and positivity, socio-political commentaries or poetic waxings on the nature of eternity, “Over” stems from a personal account of deep, emotional struggle. Situated near the end of the record, “Over” clocks in to fill the combination of relief and existential dread when an event or chapter of life comes to a close. The recognition that there will be more triumphs and failures in life and the uncertainty of what those events may look like and when they may occur. “Did you you give it up, did you want it too much? I can see a life, in front of me, gonna take a chance, I’m taking a stance…” mixed with refrains of “there’s nothing left….time ain’t taking back the days.” showcase the dichotomy of one door closing while another opens succinctly.




Artist: Lay-Far
Title: War Is Over
Label: In-Beat-Ween Music
Release: August 24th, 2018
Format: Digital/Japan CD/Vinyl Sampler + 2 Singles
Catalog: NBTWN011


– rider
Davey Schacherl
Contributing Editor