It’s not a secret neither a fortuity that lately Apparel Music has been gold digging in the French scene to find treasures. Kerim aka KX9000 the producer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist who combines a jazzy touch with Disco and House is unquestionably, from now on, part of this group of golden gems. The way he models his House music in this EP, cruising from dreamy chords and pads to poignant Acid lines and delicate yet concrete rhythmics, from funk to disco-dance is marvellous. It all starts with the astounding harmonic evolution of ‘Millennium Civic’!

Plaisance Food is out 10/26/2020 on Apparel Music


Artist: KX9000
Title: MilleniumCivic
Label: Apparel Music
Release Date: 2020-10-26


Turn it up & enjoy!