‘IgamaLami’ is our October afro house production, by Kryptic (UK), a young and talented producer, and well-established in the afro house scene Lizwi, who gives this production a special feel, thanks to her daring and expressive vocal. Trekkah & Kusini’s remix has a good dose of equilibrated chords and insistent synth, all nicely wrapped by a smart groove. The other fascinating remix is by the Brazilian duo Drunky Daniels, who plays with the drums and proposes a darker interpretation of the track, with forceful synths and dynamic groove. As usual, difficult to choose among these diverse and charming versions.

Artist: Kryptic (UK) & Lizwi, Trekkah & Kusini
Title: IgamaLami
Label: My Other Side Of The Moon
Release Date: 2021-10-29

Turn it up & enjoy!