Detaching from hypes and evoking influences of the beginning of his career, Komka explores his authentic and multi-faceted creative force on the production of the sophomore release of I/U Music, the 2-tracked EP called ‘Axiomatic’.

Innusitated, surprising and filled with attitude, the title track ‘Axiomatic’ has an electroclash vibe, that gets even more strength when Komka adds his envolvent and magnetic voice, living up to the lyrics written by Nina Mess.

With an electrofunk imprint and driven by broken beats, “Gimme Funk” striking track perfectly suits this EP that works on the dance floor as well as daily playlists.

Axiomatic drops on December 13th, on I/U Music.

Artist: Komka
Title: Axiomatic
Label: I/U Music
Release Date: 2019-12-13




Turn it up & enjoy!