Klassified Records proudly presents their first compilation “The Feathers’ Eyes vol.1” featuring: Jonas Saalbach, Just Emma & ZAZOU, Jon Charnis, KMLN, Rancido, BONDI, Budakid, Amentia, Hacker & Miethig, Lunar Plane, Mâhfoud, Dead-tones, Maga, The Soul Brothers, Fulltone, Yarni, Joep Mencke, Emiel van den Dungen, Felix Raphael, Danil Bondarev and Parallells.

This compilation is about the magnificence of the peacock’s feathers. In different cultures, the peacock symbolises the destruction of all negativity, anger, greed or jealousy and stands for beauty, richness and joy.

Mixed and compiled by our residents Parallells, its music follows this philosophy and include lots of organic, earthy & melodic contents.

Out on April 19th.




Artist: Various Artists
Title: The Feathers’ Eyes Vol.1
Label: Klassified
Release Date: 2018-04-19


– jams
Jimbo James