The first Empore Music release of 2019 comes from none other than Scottish man Kieran Apter who has been making waves with his Originals on labels such as Anjunadeep, Hommage or Chapter 24.

With the title track “Closer“ he presents a very deep and emotional collaboration with his good friend and vocalist Leon Power. For the remix of the title track Irishman Neil Flynn takes the emotional vocals and builds his own beautiful new interpretation around it. On the flipside the track “June“ is made for special moments during those open air summer nights. A powerful Arp provides an almost trancy vibe throughout the song and things are flourishing when the harmonic pads and bass-sounds come in. label head Philipp Harms took the original on a journey back to the disco days and delivers a very unique yet groovy take on the original.




Artist: Kieran Apter
Title: June
Label: Empore Music
Release Date: 2019-02-22


– jams
Jimbo James