We’re welcoming back Under No Illusion head honcho and label boss, Ki Creighton, back onto Kaluki this month with his killer ‘Lizard’ EP. Ki has released on respectable labels; Elrow, Snatch!, Circus, 8bit and Cajual, leading him to play shows across the world at historic clubs and events such as Elrow, Space, Digital, Café Mambo and Sonar.

Kicking off the EP is ‘Lizard’, a track that oozes warm string melodies, swinging drums and muffled vocal hits. ‘Stingray’ follows suit honing in on Ki’s signature house sound with atmospheric percussion and a hooky vocal.

Vincenzo D’amico’s remix closes out the single with his take the b-side track ‘Stingray’; twisting the original into a percussive fueled workout with funky drums, snaking bass line and snippets of the vocal meandering throughout.




Artist: Ki Creighton, Vincenzo D’amico
Title: Lizard
Label: Kaluki Musik
Release Date: 2019-04-26





– jams
Jimbo James