Releasing on Dealt With Records, Khemir delivers a deep house track to entrance and intrigue.

‘Underdog’ will set your head-nodding as you experience the expertly crafted, smile-inducing beat. It’s intensity is complemented with a syncopated sub-bass that compels your body to move. Floaty, wistful yet considered synth pads permeate through the audioscape and reshapes the listeners initial interpretation of the track – transporting them to another world, time and place. Khemir has forged all the trademarks of classic deep house similar to the likes of Larry Heard or Marshall Jefferson but with a fresh imbued energy and perspective.

Underdog is out on 6/12/2020 on Dealt With Records.


Artist: Khemir
Title: Underdog
Label: Dealt With Records
Release Date: 2020-06-12




Turn it up & enjoy!