Thailand-based artist and MI4L Senior Editor, Juany Bravo, drops fire Don’t Fuel The MachineI EP on Lupe Fuentes’ In The Loop label out May 12th.

Renowned for releasing innovative techno and house sounds, In The Loop live up to their name yet again with this groovy three-track EP. Juany Bravo also steps up after previously releasing on the likes of Dugout, Homerun House and many more. His groove-infested trio of tracks make up the ‘Don’t Fuel The Machine’ EP, which oozes danceability from the word go. There’s no wonder the likes of Kerri Chandler, Todd Terry, Soul Divide and Vanilla Ace have released on Lupe Fuente’s imprint before, a platform that has already seen triumphant levels of success by releasing music that expands genre boundaries on a global scale.

Title track and EP opener ‘Don’t Fuel The Machine’ features a rumbling bassline that rolls for days on end. A ferocious, thumper of a backbeat with futuristic vocal stabs and eccentric synth patterns that lift every drop into a frenzy of tech-house euphoria. A hands-in-the-air, pedal-to-the-metal industrial record full to the brim with energy – this is how you open an EP.

Following on from this is ‘Metele.’ A record littered with intricate percussive sounds and another infectious earthquake of a bassline. With a funky vocal hook that acts as a subtle melody, this one brings the summer to your speakers in an instant.

Closing track ‘Rumba Pa’ showcases even more tribal overtones and a steady build up that drops into an absolute party of a house track. The intricate drum loops and delicately crafted rhythm section lift the simplicity of the record onto higher levels of groove, which are completely through the roof.

In The Loop demonstrate their exceptional ability to cherry pick the freshest techno and house productions around with yet another banger of a release. Get ready for this one, you’ll be hearing it a lot more very soon.

Juany Bravo – Rumpa Pa (Original Mix) [In The Loop]

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Artist: Juany Bravo
Title: Don’t Fuel The Machine EP
Label: In The Loop
Release Date: 2017-05-12


– jams
Jimbo James