Arriving late-June, ‘What You Need’ sees Hvaal follow up his ’The Sound’ release for Jones’ Hot Creations from early 2020 with another two-tracker of raw, boisterous grooves which display the 24 year old producer’s love of artists like Vin Sol, DJ Haus, DJ Deeon and Paul Johnson. ‘What You Need’ opens with the title track flexing muscle with a skeletal 909 groove, distorted bass pulses and a looped vocal sample combining to create a rugged cut which wears its Ghetto House influences proudly on its sleeve. ‘Come Again’ on the flip continues the aesthetic but sees Hvaal working the drum machine with a little more brutality while pitched vocal snippets and a guttural bass note punctures the track.

What Ya Need is out 6/26/2020 on Hottrax


Artist: Josh Hvaal
Title: What Ya Need
Label: Hottrax
Release Date: 2020-06-26




Turn it up & enjoy!