On the heels of a series of well-received releases, Seattle’s beloved house music collective and label Uniting Souls Music returns for its 42nd outing with Jordan Strong & Lil’T’s “Unite” featuring James Weston, a 5-track EP embodying the ethos of the group with a diversity of styles ranging from deep to tech and featuring remixes by Onionz, SAAND, Jeromy Nail, and Rare Static.

Los Angeles native and underground house music savant Jordan Strong and longtime compatriot Lil’T (aka Michael Tello, PillowTalk Music, Touch of Class, Housepitality) join forces on “Unite,” a moody, dubbed-out house chugger. Underscored by a thick bassline, awash in lush chords, spaced-out sax and guitar, and punctuated by James’ spoken word, the track takes us on a hypnotic syncopated trip and urges, perhaps apropos in these trying times, to “come together.”

Unite is out on 5/22/2020 on Uniting Souls Music

Artist: Jordan Strong, Lil’T, James Weston
Title: Unite
Label: Uniting Souls Music
Release Date: 2020-05-22




Turn it up & enjoy!