Firing up the next one on Cesare Vs Disorder’s Serialism imprint is the prolific, Javier Carballo. His dance floor orientated sounds have spread some what infectiously across the board in recent times and there are no doubts this one is headed in a similar direction.

Early Faces picks up the pace in this release with a nod to a classic minimal vibe. Glitchy but emotive, sending you in a spiralling motion, to be saved by the urgent kick. An essence of dreams from Javier and notably some of his finest work to date, simultaneously a curious direction for the Serialism DX label, proving their versatility

Audiopatia is out 3/12/20 on Serialism



Artist: Javier Carballo
Title: Audiopatia
Label: Serialism
Release Date: 2020-03-12




Turn it up & enjoy!