Exploited mainstay James Curd delivers his debut album this August with fourteen essential house tracks on ‘Taken All This Time’.

‘Taken All This Time’ is the debut album from Chicago-born, Australia-based talent James Curd. He has firmly established himself as a key artist within the disco and house sphere, with credits on DFA Records, Classic Music Company, and Future Disco. Curd’s formidable career has seen him work the likes of James Murphy and on numerous film and games projects, including the ‘Grand Theft Auto’ series and 50 Cent’s show ‘The Oath.’ He now serves up a genre-spanning collection of tracks, providing a milestone in his already impressive career.

The multi-dimensional album opens with the gleaming and funk-fuelled ‘Yellow Magic.’ Dubby chords lay beneath the surface while chuggy electronics and sweeping strings take listeners on an elevating journey. Curd’s classy production skills shine on ‘Taken All This Time’, ‘High Tower’ and ‘Disco Fool’ via alluring vocals, organic percussion, and uplifting melodies. The temperature rises on the groovy ‘Go Wrong’ with stylish clicks, classy percussion, and warped bursts leading the way. The package welcomes a remix from Karmon, which provides a stripped-back deep house offering with soaring synths and the original’s captivating vocals.

The jazzy rhythms and euphoric vibe continues on ‘Forever My Friend’, while ‘I Get Up To DC’ brings a truly mesmerising production. ‘1000 Years’ is four and a half minutes of nostalgic house music, and ‘Show Me What You Got’ instantly gets you moving, before ‘Say The Words To You’ spirals into a tumbling blast of rising pads, energetic builds, and heartfelt vocals. The album’s closing chapter takes a slightly different turn, as we see a darker direction on ‘I Got A Problem’ and ‘Say Less No More’, which combines acidic twists with syncopated drums and a ravey aesthetic. Finally, the eclectic ‘Checking Out NYC’ rounds out proceedings in style via luscious piano melodies, charming tones, and pulsating patterns.

James Curd’s ‘Taken All This Time’ is a far reaching and uplifting affair, providing a perfect window onto the sound of this most essential artist.




Artist: James Curd
Title: Taken All This Time (Album)
Label: Exploited
Release Date: 2021-09-24




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor