Having grown into an accomplished merchant of sun-streaked rhythms and uncannily spacious electronics from his beginnings in production by the turn of the millennium, James Bright has laid the foundation to a sun-dazed body of work spanning from Balearic house to kosmische-indebted synthwave – whether solo or through his collaborative efforts.

James’ latest offering ‘The Zooniverse EP’, reignites the flame with five cuts oozing true polyphonic vibrancy and widescreen open-endedness.

Capping it on a fragrantly opiated note, ‘Patchouli’ whelms you in slow moving synthy quicksand, head wrapped in heady vapours, soft-touch acid squelch and mesmeric melodic layers, all duly woven to have you zoning out in a jiffy.

The Zooniverse is out 9/18/2020 on Quattro


Artist: James Bright
Title: The Zooniverse
Label: Quattro
Release Date: 2020-09-18


Turn it up & enjoy!