Third Attempt has been consistently dropping dancefloor bombs and now presents this collection of nine killer reworks entitled the ‘Quarantine Remixes’ on Beatservice Records. This dynamic producer has wasted no time making his mark on the underground scene. The Oslo artist has put out impeccably produced music on a tight selection of labels, including supreme Norwegian imprint, Beatservice Records, as well as benchmark UK disco imprint, Paper Recordings.  At the tender age of 23 his depth of knowledge and skill are nothing short of staggering. Third Attempt moves across soundscapes that range from house to trip-hop, from acid to jazz to ambient, and from deep house to down and dirty dancefloor destroying beats.  Diligently studying the masters like LTJ Bukem, Mr Scruff, Floating Points, Aphex Twins, and Four Tet to arrive at his extraordinarily refined and ever evolving sound. This young hopeful is continuing the lineage of the Norwegian luminaries Todd Terje, Lindstrøm, Prins Thomas, Bjørn Torkse, Biosphere.

We’ve been drip feeding this album to you and you have already received Front To The Back (Third Attempt Club Remix), Addicted (Kim Young III & Duv Tales Remix), Rain ( Henrik Villard Remix), Make It Double ( Keecen Remix) and Missing Feeling (Anders Jakobsen Remix).  So I won’t go over those again.  Fresh cuts are from the young and full of promise Niilas, under his Reidar Bruun alias, who takes ‘Images’ for a bumpy ride into the wild Northern Lights. Driven by sturdy bass and playful machine talk, it’s an endless glide across neon-splattered cascades of synth arpeggios and FX-doused alien signals. Adding his smooth and playful zest to ‘Mirage,’ sound illusionist Ribdish converts to a wonky acid chugger that doesn’t quite pick its poison between eastern spaciousness, 303 squelch and ankle-twisting moves straight out the 90s continuum. Uruguay-born, Australia residing Jose revamps ‘Cocoon’  into an ethereal deep-dive, with a mix of jazzy brass, breaks, and waves of bassy dynamism. Oslo based Ivaylo – the man behind Bogota Records, Oslo’s Jaeger Club booking head and label manager of Prins Thomas,’ various outlets – punches in with a ‘Dypmiks’ version of ‘Images’ steering you into a swarming and hectic hive. Frantic percussion whips and jacks, as piano stabs carry the melody along, while the squelching acid bass keeps the groove frothing!

Interview with Third Attempt

It’s great to talk to you again. How have you been this last six months?

Have been quite good. Thanks for asking! Continuing to drink unhealthy amounts of coffee and going to the studio as often as I can.

Where exactly are you now? Is this where you are from?

I am currently in Oslo, capital of Norway. Born here, but grew up in Asker, about half hours’ drive from the city center.

Tell us a little about the city that you live in?

Haven’t lived here for more than a year. But I have to say Oslo is very exciting. Rich with culture, close to the sea. Great history here. Some places you can really feel it in the walls of the buildings. The city is not that big. If you live here, chances are you run into somebody you know quite often. Nightlife is great! Come visit.

How is the mood there? Are parties and clubs opening since the pandemic?

Mood is great now. Norway reopened late September. Removing all restrictions! Hopefully, it will last. I am enjoying myself nonetheless! Lots of playing gigs and studio-time

When the night scene is running, where is the place to go to listen to great house music?

Jaeger or Storgata 26. Both has multiple stories. Jaeger has stellar sound system (function one). S26 has a full blown 80s-style disco-floor that lights up when you dance. Can’t go wrong with that!

How long have you been making music as Third Attempt?

Since 2016

What was your relationship with music pre-Third Attempt?

As a producer, quite sterile if I’m gonna be honest. While making music would limit myself to sounds and styles I’d heard before. Like following a recipe. There were some great moments, but I found myself mostly creating for others not myself. I have been happy once I changed my alias and started fresh without all these invisible borders that I had set for myself.

Do you have formal music background?

I have some experience from when I was a kid. Played trumpet and drums. It’s such a long time ago I’ve forgotten everything theoretical. What I am most happy for is that I trained my ear and learned about how important a role rhythm plays in music.

What was the first record you made?

The first record I made was called Spores of the Imagination. It was a school project. Tried to be as psychedelic and experimental as I could. Including some pretty cringe samples of speech about drugs etc… edgy teenager stuff.

But a lot of the ideas are interesting. There are some tempo changes in there, crossovers of genres. But it’s just way too much stuff going on, and the mix throughout is just shit. Track selection is also very random. But its baby steps!

Who are the artists that inspire you as you were growing? 

Floating Points, Nightmares On Wax, Four Tet, Atjazz, Todd Terje, Bugge Wesseltoft, Ott..

What producers today, do you look to for inspiration?

Pretty much the same realm as above. But lately I’ve been really caught up in the label Analogue Attic and all the musicians that put out stuff there. Just to put a name out there, Citizen Maze and Alex Albrecht.

You have a pretty tight relationship with Beatservice Records. I guess the label are working on your artist development as much as your new releases. Is this the plan?

Yes ! Me and Vidar have been going strong for a few years now. We are working closely on development of my career and music.

Sounds like together you have a long-term goal, right?

We will continue to work together into the future.

You’ve been working constantly with Beatservice Records. Do you plan to release on other labels in the future?

What’s great about the business with Beatservice. Is that I am free to release on other labels as well. I might have a plan to release on Bergen-based Most Likely next year. Don’t tell anyone!

The Quarantine remix project seems to the project that just keeps giving. Talk to US about your rationale of continuing to remix the base material?

I am very glad to hear that! As you can guess by now, I am quite eclectic in what I like to produce and play. One of the most limiting things I ever did was when I was producing music just for a specific place and time. To keep things fresh and interesting, I would now like to hit every field at once. In this case flipping my previous downtempo album into a more danceable treat. Also inviting my producer-friends to join me.

You releases have the attention of some key music heads. It would be great to see you branching out and doing remixes. Is this something you would like to do? Do you have any plans to do this? 

Have put out remixes in the past and will continue to put them out but I might do more remixes with vocals in the coming time.

Have you ever done any live performance sets? Is this something that you think about doing?

Yes, I play live all the time, check out this video of me playing at osloclubcast!

Is there perfect record over time that you wish you had made?

Floating Points – Shadows

When you’re not making music, what do you do with your time?

I am a big movie fan! Spend a lot of time in front of the big screen. Someday I wish to make something my self

What’s coming up next from Third Attempt?

Album dropping before summer next year! Watch out for teaser singles!

-Third Attempt

Artist: Third Attempt, Ivaylo
Title: Images
Label: Beatservice Records
Release Date: 2021-11-26

Turn it up & enjoy!