In recent years, Tominori Hosoya has earnt a great reputation as a composer from Japan and has been included in the catalogues of respected deep house labels such as deepArtSounds and Soul Print Recordings. He also manages his own label – TH Pressing. This project is the 3rd in the compilation series “Wishes & Memories” based on the concept of releasing special music made for precious people from memories by each artists.

The VA includes music by Mark Hand (UK) who also has releases on Soul Print Recordings, US deep house maestro Trinidadian Deep, Shaka (CH) who has released from many labels including – Balance Recordings, Kolour Ltd etc and Japans Tominori Hosoya. All tracks purvey emotional that reflect the individuality of each artist, it is not just a compilation, but a drama that resonates with Hosoya’s view of music – expressing rich emotions using beautiful melodies and chords, each artist devotes something special. This is a deep house collection that is filled with the nostalgia of distant memories.

Artist: Shaka
Title: There We Go
Label: TH Pressing
Release Date: 2021-06-25

Interview with Tominori Hosoya

Q1: Who is Tominori Hosoya?
I started making music in 2007 and started release in 2008 under the artist name of “Tomi Chair”. I’ve been DJing for a while, listening to 90’s NY hard house, progressive house, house and techno etc…
It’s been a while since I started making music as “Tominori Hosoya” around 2014. When my father passed away, I had a lot of emotions in me, and it was the beginning of this name that I wrote a song with those feelings. Then, when I make music under the name of “Tominori Hosoya”, it’s time to make a music dedicated to something important to me. It’s a special project for me.
Q2: Tell about your new release on TH Pressing?
We TH Pressing released vinyl from 2015 – Tominori Hosoya EP + LP, compilation series – Wishes & Memories vol.1 + 2, and Love Souls by Allstarr Motomusic & Manuel Costela. This is the 3rd of TH Pressing’s compilation series “Wishes & Memories”. Based on the concept of music dedicated to “important people, things, events, etc.” for the artists, it is a collection of such works that touches on the strong feelings of each artist and some backbone.
The artists participating this time also understand this concept and provide great music. Trinidadian Deep is a special thing that traces the roots of his music, different from his recent work. Shaka and Tominori Hosoya musics are that reflects important scenes of the past, Mark Hand Is something that he found in his life. 4 artists have a special feeling for. I really want everyone to listen and feel it.
Q3: Who are your greatest influences?
There are many artists who have influenced me, but here are 3 music that made me a turning point as an artist.
Chymera – Midnight At The Aquarium

He inspired me to listen to Detroit Techno. I was fascinated by his melodious and powerful original style many times. Especially this is my favourite music. I started making Detroit Ish tracks from.
Uyama Hiroto – One Day

Japanese artist Uyama Hiroto. All his music is the best. very beautiful and warm. This time I choose this music. Very his sound. This is different from just mellow beats. It may be his influence that I have much music with the piano sound.
Life Recorder –Better With You

Before listening to this music, I listened progressive house and melodious Detroit techno, but when I heard this first, I was touched. This emotional part and pleasant deep groove are the best.
I listened this and I became a fan of him, and I was taught a lot from him as an artist. Also, I liked “Atmospheric Existence Recordings” which released this music. Then I sent my demo track to “Atmospheric Existence Recordings” and got my first vinyl release on my music life. Also, I had great chance that my label “TH Pressing” released his beautiful music “Life Recorder –While She Dreams” (from VA –Wishes & Memories vol.2) (already released out 4 years ago.)
Q4: Can you let us about scene in Japan?
Japanese clubs are now limited in time and the situation is still tough. I hope that they will be able to open regular business as soon as possible sincerely.
However, among them, there are artists, friends and fans who support this release. I feel the heat / passion of dance music firmly.
Life Recorder who I admire most, not only inspired me from his music, but also gave me advice as an artist for a long time. He is my greatest master who listens to my music always.
Q5: How have you been keeping busy during lockdown?
I was busy with my daily work, and I had more time to spend with my family than with music. Very hard days but I feel that this is also a precious time.
Q6: What else can we expect from you over the next year?
The first is to get ordinary life as before. It made me realize how important the obvious was for the last 1 year & a half. I hope that what I have put up with in my work, music, my family, everything will become clear. I’m sure that the love we have for music will be a big force.
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-Tominori Hosoya

Turn it up & enjoy!