Rollover Milano Records is a label born out of a natural evolution of the longstanding and hyper cool party based at the Apollo Club in Milan. Over the years the night has hosted acts like 2manydjs, Bicep, John Talabot, Avalon Emerson, Floating Points, Red Axes, Young Marco, Dj Tennis, Maurice Fulton, and Axel Boman. Behind this quality label are founders and resident Rollover DJs Tiberio Carcano and Rocco Fusco. The idea of the label was to form a crew of producers of the same dark Disco, Deep House, Italian Funk, Balearic, and sometimes Ambient demeanour as a mirror to the club night.

The sixth outing on Rollover Milano is by one of Italy’s most accredited bass players Saturnino, in collaboration with Metatron srl, producer Pierpaolo Peroni and guitarist/producer Davide Ferrario. The EP contains five original cuts on which Saturnino’ s solo bass prevails. It’s an elegant affair, with EP opener ‘Saturnintro’ drawing you into the idea and concept of what is Balearic via fluttering beats and guitar strums. One for the chuggers and early doors at ALFOS is ‘Mimas’, which packs much vivid detail and colour in its five and half minutes. The glamorous ‘Milano’ is sassy and cheeky with a vocal that wouldn’t be out of place alongside Sueno Latino. ‘Rea’ is full of fun, achieving similar levels of magic. It deceptively begins with shades of acid house and has a breakdown that will certainly see some hands reaching for the air festival moments. When it drops, its funk guitar riff will take the dancefloor through to the end of the night. EP closer, ‘Teti’, ups the tempo and dials the lights down low, with its driving beat and mesmerising bass strings. It’s deliciously dubbed-out groove takes us back to the club where we all so want to be right now. This EP is pure pleasure from beginning to end.

Artist: Saturnino
Title: Rea
Label: Rollover Milano Records
Release Date: 2021-04-30

Interview with Saturnino

Tell us where you are now, where you have spent the past year, and where you are from? 

I am in Milan where I stayed from the beginning of the pandemic in the company of my wonderful Oliva, a 9-year-old French Bulldog, but I was born and raised in Ascoli Piceno, a beautiful town in the Marche region of central Italy.

How are things for the good people of your hometown right now? 

Thankfully, my family are doing well but for many of my friends it has been a terrible year in many ways. We look forward without losing courage.

Prior to Covid, what was the club/ music scene like where you are? 

Milan has always been very avant-garde in terms of club culture; I went out regularly 4 nights a week to listen to live music and DJ sets.

You are a new name to us. Who is Saturnino?

I find it wonderful to always be new to someone. Saturnino is a “young man of 51” who fell in love with music from the early years of his life. 

You are a significant artist in your field. Talk us through your journey in music? When did you begin? What led you to your present-day musical status? 

You are very kind but honestly, I’m just a bass player.  I started studying the Violin when I was 5 and then at 14, the electric bass chose me, and we fell madly in love. At 20 I moved to Milan to turn my passion / obsession into a paid passion /obsession, and it went pretty well. It is never too late to explore new human and musical horizons.

Saturnino is a brilliant moniker. Can you tell us the story of your artist’s name? What is your real name? 

I would not like to disappoint your expectations but Saturnino is my real first name. I am very proud to have inherited this name from my father’s brother who died when he was incredibly young and that I never had the honour to know him. For many non-Italian friends Saturnino is a little difficult to pronounce so they just call me Satu, but I don’t mind at all also because it means ‘One’ in Indonesian language.

Bass is your main instrument, right? Do you play other instruments?  What are they? 

YES Sir, it’s the Bass, but I also play the Drums, the Guitar, and the Piano.

You seem to span lots of genres in terms of style. Do you have a  particular style of play that you are most comfortable with? 

I have always loved changing the way I play the bass because, changing.  the type of bass, changing the length of the shoulder strap and how I  wear the instrument can change my way of playing. I don’t find it difficult to change, but the secret is changing but remaining true to yourself.

Your debut album Testa di Basso in the mid90s, what was the concept of this first album? 

At that time bassists like Anthony Jackson and John Patitucci showed their mastery to the world bringing the six-string bass to the fore. I bought one of the first 6-string, Ken Smith’s that arrived in Italy from the USA and I let myself be take over by all the sounds that were trendy in those years.

Lorenzo Jovanotti is a significant artist known in Italy, that you  work with regularly. Tell us why he is so important? 

Lorenzo Jovanotti is an extraordinary performer with whom I have been lucky enough to make music with for 30 years. We keep playing in some incredible  places and when we do it, many human beings feel even more human. This is why I think Lorenzo is so important to me. 

You are working with a pretty cool label – Rollover Milano. How did  you guys meet? 

As I told you before, I love going out at Apollo Club here in Milan to listen to great music and dance. After one of these amazing parties, actually we were celebrating Pierpa Peroni’s birthday, we felt the need to go to the studio with my friends Pierpa, Davide, Rocco, Tiberio and Marcellina and produce something like that: electronic, dance, disco! This is where we met the guys.

Have you worked with other house/ cosmic disco labels on releases or is this a first? 

Never as a soloist, this is my first experience, and I am incredibly happy!

Can you tell us about the EP Satelliti? Talk us through the concept. of the project? 

The idea is quite simple: the bass is the lead-singer, and it makes you shake your ass.

We are premiering track ‘Rea’. What can you tell is about this? track? 

I can only add a small parental recommendation: try to listen to Rea with a good system or with good headphones because this sound is created to make you feel good. The more you listen to it the better you feel.

The overall impression of this EP is pretty Balearic. Are you. familiar with that Ibiza Balearic scene? Are you happy that it fits into this genre? 

I am happy that you tell me this.  I have no idea what Balearic means but I guess it’s something cool so I’m glad you said that!

Sean Johnston – A Love from Out Of Space – recently played it on his steam and loves the EP. How do you feel about that? 

Jaco Pastorius loved to say: “Music is the only thing keeping the planet together.” And that’s exactly how it is. I am proud for this and can’t wait to meet Sean personally to thank him!

Track ‘Teti’, takes the EP across to deeper club and house territory.  Is this also your production? Did the label have influence  across this production? 

Oh yeah! It was Pierpa’s birthday, a magic night, that influenced this production.  The whole “Satelliti” project is a crazy mix of human feelings that cross your mind and soul during a party …

A little bird tells me you are planning some remixes from the ‘Satelliti EP’. Can you tell us anything about that? 

True! It’s incredibly fascinating to hear a version of your song from someone you don’t even know who works on your song like a stylist does. Can’t wait to listen to all the 8 remixes!

What should we look out for with Saturnino for the rest of 2021? 

The joy of sharing music again because it is so urgent to recover the spiritual and aesthetic dimension of one’s existence.


Turn it up & enjoy!