Metroklang Records returns with an international project made in Puglia of 4 House / Nu Disco tracks produced by label boss Ricky Erre Love who presents “Turn Around EP”.

Artist: Ricky Erre Love
Title: Turn Around
Label: Metroklang Records
Release Date: 2021-03-26

Interview with Ricky Erre Love

Who is Ricky Erre Love?

Ricky Erre Love is an old school DJ! I come from the culture of vinyl and scratch! I have always loved the challenges of the DMC, a competition rich in artistic content that ranges from technique to creativity, the DJ is a performer and sometimes can become a real musician, playing records in the same or complementary tones! My inspiring muse is Cesare Tripodo (Dj Trip), Apulian DJ who died prematurely several years ago. I have been working in clubs for about 30 years now and I had the pleasure of being a resident DJ for THE FLAME, one of the most important Italian electronic music organizations, participating in events and festivals, comparing myself with many international DJs and artists, evolving my way of doing music according to the different locations. Currently I am also involved in music training with the project (Metroklang Dept. Dj School). I had the opportunity to travel a lot and when it happens, I like and enjoy going to records shops. London, Paris, Berlin, Ibiza they transmit a lot to me. energy and they are a source of inspiration for my musical choices and also for my productions. We owe so much to the pioneers and founders of the American underground music movement, they are the ones who planted the roots and inspired all the world clubbing, the inventors of the party, David Mancuso, Nicky Siano, Larry Levan, Frankie Knuckles, Louie Vega.

Tell about your new EP on Metroklang Records?

First up is “Turn Around” which gives its name to the release, a beautifully crafted organic house composition with an electronic touch, it also sees a collaboration with the great saxophonist Sandro Nocco who brings his artistic contribution and adds a jazzy dynamic to record. “Mama” then transports you to the Ibizan beaches with its warm and soft Balearic melodies. Next up is “Andante”, a percussive Italo Disco number with a rich 80’s groove that will keep the energy levels high on the dancefloor. Last but no least to finish the EP off in style it’s “Ninja” which switches things up with it’s full-bodied bassline, evocative vocals and musical elements.

Who are your greatest influences?

This record takes me back in time and makes me experience the atmosphere of The Loft in New York in the early seventies. Amazing!

Dinosaur L Go Bang

Frankie was the godfather of house music!

I really like their Nu Disco viewing! They are modern, eclectic and even a little bit electronic

Can you tell us about scene in Italy?

The Italian scene has just suffered the death of one of the masters and experimenter of the art of djing in the clubs. I’m talking about Claudio Coccoluto, a true pioneer of Underground music not only in Italy. It was he who drew a precise line where the dj is recognized as a professional, with his art but also a deontology.

I cannot forget Daniele Baldelli, Mozart, Francesco Farfa, Flavio Vecchi, Ricky Montanari e Ralf. Currently the clubs are all closed! We hope we can start again with serious cultural projects outside the usual mainstream dynamics!

How have you been keeping busy during lockdown?

During Lockdown it was important to keep the studio focus for music productions. I tried to keep my working habits unchanged, even if it was not very easy i produced a lot of music and I also had the time to catalog a part of my records by looking for new things to propose.
I enjoyed my family, with my wife, our little Salvatore and when it was possible, we were in harmony with my parents, my brother and my sister.

What else can we expect from you over the next year?

I honestly think all the sacrifices I’ve made will lead me to reap good rewards. I have never lost confidence and positivity and I think how many beautiful things we can still experience by returning stronger than before, with greater awareness of our actions and with a different approach to music! We hope for a quick mass vaccination to be able to return to work as a DJ, travel and dance together.

-Ricky Erre Love


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