2021 will see Integrity Records continue to defy expectations and stay committed to their “music first and not genre” policy. The label has lined up an eclectic selection of releases for the year featuring traxx from their roster of emerging talents. The new “Yellow” series will kick off with UK based electronica artist minimalArchiv, real name Simon Chisholm. First appearing on the label’s ‘The Other Side’ v/a compilation, The ‘Transfigured’ EP sees the producer carefully crafting an immersive and evolving soundscape that showcases the producer’s personal and diverse influences. Prolific Michigan based melodic and ambient Techno architect John Beltran returns to the label for remix duties and turns in an intricate rework of ‘Burning Heart’. The “Yellow” series of releases aims to musically channel hope, clarity and optimism, something that the label feels we could all have an abundance of in these challenging times.

minimalArchiv’s ‘Transfigured’ EP will be released on the 1st of May, 2021.

Artist: minimalArchiv
Title: Stone’s Throw
Label: Integrity
Release Date: 2021-05-01

Interview with minimalArchiv

Q1: Who is minimalArchiv?
I’m a UK producer, currently based in the North of England but have also lived in London, Paris and Hong Kong. Producing electronic music has always been a passion, but with big gaps in production along the way ! My output is not prolific, just driven by the desire to produce electronic soul music that comes from the heart. In recent years tracks have begun to circulate informally, and I’ve been fortunate to release some on great labels including Metrohm, Neo Ouija and, of course, the mighty Integrity which has become a natural home for this music due to its “no genres” attitude and label head Eddie Niguel’s adventurous approach to showcasing less well known producers alongside some great names.
Q2: Tell about your new EP on Integrity?
This is my first EP release and the tracks came together over the various lockdowns in the last 12 months but are also influenced by a lot of life experiences – they fit together in terms of sound and concept with an inner storyline and I hope provide an immersive experience, somewhere between the headphone and the dancefloor. It was a massive honor to have the final track
“Burning Heart” remixed by John Beltran, who added a completely new dimension to that track – love that rewerk !
Q3: Who are your greatest influences?
There are a lot of genres of music that influence me, including more diverse influences from jazz to flamenco (amazing rhythms and emotion there). Sticking to the electronic music producers, here are three tracks from so many I could have chosen:
· Red Planet – Star Dancer
Sheer classic Detroit brilliance. Waves of sound. One of those tracks you can remember where you were when you first heard it (Ministry of Sound). Such a strong concept.

· Terrence Parker – Emancipation of My Soul
More Detroit brilliance. Tracks full of light and energy. House music with a message, informed by a personal journey.

· Dan Curtin – Tease Genius
Deeply emotional electronic music. A very musical and uniquely individual sound. Interstellar Groove Addictions indeed.

Q4: Can you let us about scene in your city?
I’ve lived in some great cities over the years and got inspiration from them all. I’m closest to Manchester now which has a great music scene which I am looking forward to seeing come back to life soon. To be honest I now get more energy from living outside the city on top of the Pennines, so I’ve got to put a word in for my local music venue (Hebden Bridge Trades Club) and local dance music store (Heavy Crates). There has been so much inspiration and words of encouragement from great producers and DJs from many countries – Eddie Niguel, Karim Sahraoui, Eddie Merced, Colin Dale, Tevatron, Lee Norris, Terrence Parker, Dan Curtin, Hiroshi Watanabe, Dave Campbell, Shinichiro Yokota, Peter Duggal, Craig Smith, Tony Driver, Andy Chisholm, David Harman, Damo B … too many to mention them all – it’s a very generous community.
Q5: How have you been keeping busy during lockdown?
Hah – too busy. My day job is working with social enterprises, and there has been an even bigger need for them through the pandemic. Also trying to keep healthy running up hills (with some problems !).
Q6: What else can we expect from you over the next year?
More music. But slowly. Perhaps some collaborations. Much love to all !
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