Launching June 2020, Guadapipi is the newest EP by the London-based producer, Kousto.  The four-track record remains true to Kousto’s inherent French disco-house identity, evoking memories summer in the south of France; ever-reminiscent of the producer’s homeland.

However, exploring heightened levels of deepness and ever-alluring ventures into disco house daydreams, Guadapipi heralds a new age for the French producer. While continuing to spin summer sets and offer tracks best suited for seaside settings, a newfound approach to conceptual pieces takes us on a new journey, offering greater depth and textural quality to Kousto’s work. Mastering the evolution of emotion through deep house, Guadapipi reconfirms Kousto as leading producer on the forefront of the emerging talent scene.

Artist: Kousto
Title: Guadappi
Label: Little Foot Records
Release Date: 2020-06-26


Interview with Kousto


Can you tell us a little bit about this new release that you’ve got forthcoming on Little Foot Records?

Guadapipi is my fourth EP and the third release on Little Foot Records, coming out on 26 June 2020 on all platforms. It is a four-track EP that I produced in my bedroom during the COVID-19 lockdown in London.
My previous EP, The Tombolo on Kombava Records was more disco house with loopy samples, however, this time I took a new artistic direction by trying to showcase heightened levels of deepness and ever-alluring ventures into disco-house daydreams. I chose certain instruments and techniques to create a feeling of great depth. I wanted to produce a deep sound sensation, like if you were snorkelling in vast waters, seeing the ocean’s abyss getting darker and darker.
It’s always interesting to go in a new direction. I am excited to see how people respond to the EP, especially as the first track “Guadapipi” – which the EP is named after – is more of a club track, compared to the other songs which are deeper and more dreamy.

What would you say defines your sound & style of production? Any pivotal instruments that you use in your music?

I think what defines my sound are wide filtered, chilled chords that create the wave effect. If the sea was a music genre, it would be that kind of music in my opinion. And, that’s my style in a nutshell.
These chords are orchestras strings or sometimes brass instruments that I filter and put a soft reverb on in order to create that dreamy lush aspect. For this EP, I have used a prophet keyboard to create some of the leads, they sound a bit like a trumpet. In the song “Barracuda Quartet” you can hear them quite well.
The bass is played with a real bass guitar. I am originally a drummer so producing drums and percussion is the first step and probably the easiest part of my production process.

Who would you say you’ve drawn inspiration from in finding your sound? 

The Mediterranean Sea is for sure my inspiration. It’s a combination of where I grew up in the south of France, the people, the trees, the beautiful blue lagoons, walking barefoot on the sharp and heated rocks of the Côte d’Azur. As I am now living in London, I close my eyes and explore memories of the south in order to find the right atmosphere and the right chords.
My other source of inspiration is the underrated 60’s easy-listening soundtracks from Italian thrillers and erotic films. They can sometimes be perceived as light and ambient music for elevators but I disagree. The ideas and creative direction in those songs are so impressive. Be it the leads or improvisations, these forgotten tracks can be so sweet, soft and melancholic, but at the same time surprising.

What have you been doing to keep busy during the quarantine time? 

For me, it’s just been music and working on this new release. My other passion is graphic design, and I designed all my music covers. I have also designed other artists’ covers during confinement. Usually, I create music event posters for venues in London, but as you probably guessed this came to a halt during confinement. It’s good timing though, I had space to finish a lot of demos that I never had time to work on, and it gave me time to work on the promotion side of my music, too.

Any other cool releases dropping soon this year that we should know about?

I will be releasing the details of my next EP very soon. I’m very excited as it will be on vinyl and I designed the cover myself. One of the tracks is a collaboration featuring my friend Aroop Roy with whom I share a lot of my music taste. This only adds to the excitement of my next release.
As well as that, I look forward to another EP which is coming soon on Folamour’s label FHUO. I feel this is probably the strongest music I have ever made and I am so glad that Folamour is behind its release, helping me develop my music. He’s a good friend and amazing producer, so it is one I really look forward to dropping.

– Kousto


Turn it up & enjoy!