Interplanetary funksters from the mothership & inspired by a plethora of dance music, DJ’s, edits & cut ups… Experienced DJ’s & producers, JARC’s edit, cut up ethos is inspired by the funk of James Brown, Parliament, The Gap Band, Prince, Kool & The Gang, The Brothers Johnson, The Bar-kays, SOS Band, Patrice Rushen, Odyssey & Chic just to name a few. JARC simply love the groove, the funk & the spirit of the dancefloor!

Move On Up is out 12/08/20 on JARC Sounds

Artist: JARC
Title: Move On Up
Label: JARC Sounds
Release Date: 2020-12-08


Interview with JARC

1.) We know you are elusive but what can you tell our readers about Jarc the duo?

We’re both lovers of dance music and have been DJ’s for over 25 years. We love the groove and mood of the dance floor!!! The JARC project gives us a chance to indulge in our love of old music and work on re-inventing it for todays  floors, hopefully without  loosing  tis soul!

2.) So the label – Jarc Sounds, give us the lowdown on your music policy?

Dance floor focused music reinterpreting yesterdays hidden gems for today. No pop crossover aspirations, just pure club music.

3.) Talk us through the tracks of this EP.

We wanted a vibe of a slow  track and a more uptempo tune. “You Make Me Hot” is the slower jam. A fat funky bassline drives this one along with a bongo and percussion drum bed. Add some diva vocals and it all comes together! “Move On Up” takes a classic funk disco groove, looping the sax and re-arranging the whole affair, just using a few snippets of the vocal. The sax parts really funky and this kind of reminds me overall of some of the French filtering disco sampling house things.

4.) What do you think makes for a good edit?

More than just dropping a drum loop under a song! I think you have to re-invent or re-invigorate the existing piece of music. If it’s a song, then the intergretity of the song should remain, but if your re-working parts of a song for a new groove then just  make sure it rocks the floor.

5.) When you start work on a new edit, is there a criteria for the tracks you select?

Try not to be too obvious and make sure it is going to work on a proper club floor. We also look for cool maybe unknown or lesser known parts of songs to build new ideas around.

6.) What other labels do you admire in the edit scene?

Super Value Edits have been  purchased by me for years! Also Whisky Disco is always consistent. LNTG has his own white labels that always inspired, and while Dave Lee’s label isn’t exactly a re-edit label we love how he re-works classic disco tracks for todays floors.

7.) Do you think that some tracks shouldn’t be touched edit wise? Name a few..

Hmm.. always a dicey issue. I’m not sure anything should be out of bounds because you never know what can come from the imagination and a sampler. But you have to be respectful. I don’t really like a simple drum loop added to an existing track and it being re-released as a re-edit. We have done a version of the iconic disco track “Relight My Fire” but we called it the JARC Reconstruction (find it here > – but we called it that because we didn’t really change the arrangement all that much, but that’s not to say it wasn’t a stack of work! We re-built the intro and made it a little less obvious of what it was as it starts, but then we literally reEQ’d the entire multi channels stems from the original, over 30 channels. We added new drums, new bass to pump up the existing one, re enginered the vocal with today’s tricks and digital tools, pumped up the strings and basically made it like a fresh mixdown with today’s technology but with some emphasis on slightly different parts  to the original. I’ve been playing a lot and it always gets asked about so the difference is noticeable, yet the Reconstruction is very respectful to the original record..

8.) Do you plan to release music by other artists on the label?

We’d love to… Check our Jarcsounds facebook page and send us some demo’s… keep them cool and try to stay away from the obvious!

9.) This current release is the third from Jarc Sounds.What do you have coming up? What should we look out for?

Our first official remix is out on Vicious recordings where we re-worked Sgt Slicks “The Night The lights Went Out” ( and are also working on a  bunch of musical instrumentals that we are sending out to some top line vocalist and we’d love to have an album of finished completely original music in 2021.

10.) 2020 is a year we all want to forget. What is your mantra for 2021?

Given dance floors have been shut due to Covid-19 in so many countries I think … LETS DANCE sounds like a pretty good mantra!!!


Turn it up & enjoy!