Do Not Sit On The Furniture return with more sonic tonics to soften the blow of these strange, uncertain times. Positive, contemplative frequencies that stir something deep within and touch that emotional rush only music can spark. This time the rushes come courtesy of El Mundo.

Check the premiere of ‘Little Steps Towards The Sun’ off the Wandering EP, and learn more about the making of the release from El Mundo himself in our exclusive interview below.


Artist: El Mundo
Title: Wandering EP
Label: Do Not Sit On The Furniture Recordings
Release Date: 2020-05-22


Interview with El Mundo


Hi Pim, what is the current situation in Berlin, how are you coping, and are you managing to focus on music at all right now? 

The situation in Berlin at this moment is that it’s slowly loosening up again. Shops, restaurants, cafe’s opening their doors, yet at a strict policy. It saddens me to see the bad consequences of this pandemic. I’m reading the news and trying to help where I can. In our own micro world, things are well. Our son was born 6,5 months ago, so we get to spend a lot of time with him. And this is truly a blessing. And focus on music? Well, music is always on my mind. I get up in the morning thinking about making music. I think this creative itch won’t stop, also in a crisis. Yet, I am less days then normal in the studio. Also because practically we have to manage together with our son at home. But it’s also fine this way for now. Last couple of years I was 5-6 full days a week in the studio, so I’m now taking it a period a bit more easy.

How do you envisage the Electronic Music scene looking when we come out the other side of this current pandemic? 

I think the landscape will change. How and what way we will see, but it won’t be the same. Adapting to change is a big element here. If you, in the music scene, have the ability to change and seek for new possibilities, you will find your new way. And change is something that people in the creative business are known for. So I’m sure people will find ways, but it will take time. From the artist perspective, last week I was speaking with Kevin (Budakid) about it and he mentioned; “You know Pim, I would say we just keep on focussed and working and when the dance revolution is here, you’ll are ready to jump in. I couldn’t agree more. Because what will people do when this is all over? A part is rebuilding but also to dance and have fun. And I would be more then ready to provide people with the music for that.

Your next release will see you fly solo in the studio for the first time since 2017. Firstly, what prompted you to take flight this time around? And secondly what do you find are the main Pro’s & Cons of working alone versus in collaboration?

Yes, It’s been a while since my last solo release. You know, I don’t have an actual plan lined up for how and when I release. Surely there is some thought to it, but basically I just follow my feeling and see what happens. And it happened the last 2 years that I made a lot of music together with Jaschar (Zazou). And this is a lot of fun and I learned a lot. But in every relationship I find it important to do your own things. And especially within music creation. For example I worked 5 years together with Satori (from 2007 till 2012) and actually after this 5 years when I worked alone again, I really found my own joy in music making and creating. Getting to know what my own creative voice was, was for me life changing. Sometimes you can get lost in working with someone else, because you share tasks and responsibility, but you forgot what your share is and who you are. But in the end it’s all a balance, since I just love working with other people. It’s fun and I learn a lot from other people.

You return to Behrouz’s Do Not Sit On The Furniture Recordings with the new ‘Wandering’ EP, following up your 2019 ‘House of Lights’ collab with Zazou. What makes the Miami based label the perfect home for the new EP? 

Last year I build a good connection with Behrouz. His musical view and his positivity is something I respect. And ever since the first time I played his club Do Not Sit On The Furniture in Miami I’m in love with it. I’ve been back a couple of times a year and there is every time just a special vibe over there. From the crowd, resident DJ’s, the bartenders, the person at the bathroom and the night manager. Everyone is equal and is there for one thing; to have a great night together with good music. Every time I played there I loved it. And also, very important, because the soundsystem is really good. So releasing music on the label feels to me like a natural thing.

Tell us a little about the release and the inspiration behind the tracks.

The title track Wandering was actually created a year ago and I gave it to Behrouz to play it at the closings in Ibiza. A couple of months ago he and Sebastian mentioned an idea to release the track. So I built the other tracks a bit in that direction, a bit more up tempo and clubby. I had releases and remixes in the past where I would “paint” the whole texture of the tracks with a lot of detail. But with these tracks I wanted the focus to be that DJ’s can play it. Also with layers obviously, but the main aim is the dance floor. The paradox is now that Dj’s can’t play the tracks and people can’t dance to it in the clubs. But I wanted to release them anyway because I believe they still contribute the good vibes in this period. Also to give the label a boost in this period. The club Do Not Sit is closed obviously now, but with the label they can keep having music coming out. And you know, music is emotion and music will have a big role in pulling us thru this. And the least thing I can do is give people a nice feeling by sharing my music.

With no parties on the near horizon, what’s next for El Mundo on the release front? 

I’m working on a project with Javid and I have some remixes coming out. Jaschar (Zazou) and me still have some music on the shelf which will come out sooner or later.  And like I mentioned earlier; I will just keep on focussing on my goal and thats bringing good music to people. It’s actually what I live for

– El Mundo


Turn it up & enjoy!