Cold Smack Attack is a brand new project from an internationally known DJ and producer. He launched the project announcing one track a week for eight weeks encompassing various styles, all on his new label Big Ball Recordings.

Under a different name, the mysterious Cold Smack Attack has spent his career playing clubs and festivals all over the world. Drawing on the wealth of knowledge and experience from years spent in the studio and his 30,000 strong vinyl collection he brings plenty of fresh ideas to this new project. It is rooted in house music, but with a wide arrange of influences from afro to deep, raw to melodic.

Interview with Cold Smack Attack

Hey Cold Smack Attack, welcome to Music Is 4 Lovers! How are you? 

Great, pleasure to be here.

Tell us about this new artist project, what is the inspiration behind it? 

I’m a huge music fiend,  listen to all sorts of music, specially all sorts of black music, so music itself is the inspiration, so much great stuff out there that it is impossible not to be inspired.

When did the idea for the project begin? How long has it been in the making?

I was off the game for a while, the electronic music scene didn’t inspire me anymore so I was on to some other projects for a minute. Then one day I went to Elrow, and I thought, Hey! This is fun! came back home and started to cook what I thought it would have been the perfect tracks for that party that I just went. basically that was it. 

You launched the project with 8 tracks in 8 weeks. The tracks encompass such a range of styles, is that something you had always envisioned?

To me, music is music, all this sub-genres are an ego trip in most cases, created by this and the other guy to market themselves as the next pioneer or whatever. Look, I´m making House music, with different influences, just like the greatest of all time always did, the way it supposed to be. 

What is your studio set up like? Are you a big fan of hardware?

I have Hardware and I have Plugins, I don’t discriminate, its all about getting the job done, whatever works, works.

What inspires you the most when writing music? 

Listening to all sorts of different genres it’s my inspiration, I´m a music fiend, always hunting for the next song that´ll conquer my heart, that is my passion and that is my inspiration. I always wanna recreate that joy that a great record made me feel, translate it to my audience in a musical language that they can understand.

How has it been producing tracks over the last year without being able to test them at live shows? Has that changed the way you produce?

it definitely gave me a lot of room for creativity, not having to spin next weekend gave me that peace of mind, and inspiration kicked in. I tested the tracks with my close ones and it worked a charm so it was a great journey actually.

Do you think of who might play or listen to your music when making it?

My approach when I produce is more like I picture myself on the dancefloor, and as a dancer I make the records that will motivate me to remain dancing, my aim is for those people on the floor that have been on the 9 to 5 all week, I want those guys to have a blast, that’s all I aim for. I wanna touch them. 

What made you want to release on your own imprint?

We figured out that when coming out with a project like this, where we don’t really sound like nothing that’s going on out there, it was smart to come out in our own imprint. To avoid politics and to keep that musical vision untouched. 

Tell us about your love for vinyl, how long have you been buying records? Do you prefer to DJ with vinyl or CDJs? 

We all have weaknesses, do we? LOL. I bought records ever since I was a kid, it’s part of who I am. my collection is now over 30K, got everything in there, if it touches me I’ll cop it. Obviously I prefer Djing with records, but for touring I´m not mad at those CDJs at all, carrying those records ain’t no joke, I tell you.

What is your dream show to DJ? The big festival experience or a small and intimate club setting? 

Each stage has its own thing to it, big stages are about that adrenaline, about the big energy, that hyped up energy can last 2 week in you, then small shows you can feel people´s taste and therefore you can go musically to not so obvious places which is great, you connect deeper with the people, I also love that feeling. different things, both great.

Where goals do you have for this project, or do you prefer to live in the present? 

The aim is to get out there and spice up the game a little bit, give the audience that fun, let everyone out there see that music is way to big to get stock on just a bunch of ideas, be free, give the people what’s in your heart. That’s the idea.

What else have you got coming up that you can tell us about?

Right now, one track every week in August, then 2 tracks every month till the end of the year, we wanna let everyone know what we doing, we wanna let people feel the music, thats all that matters right now. lets stay in the moment.

-Cold Smack Attack

Artist: Cold Smack Attack
Title: Pyramids
Label: Big Ball Recordings
Release Date: 2021-08-20

Turn it up & enjoy!