Mystery-duo, BEDOLPHINS is back with another smashing hit dropping on WeWaves.  “After All” is their 2nd released single taking you on a heartfelt journey through it’s synth-based melodies and an absolutely massive bass line designed for the festival floor!

We got a chance to catch-up with these fast-rising producers to learn a little bit more about this ever so elusive act and what they’ve got cooking next.

Interview With BEDOLPHINS

Nice to chat with you guys today! Can you start us off by telling us a bit about this exciting new project?

We are an international duo, based in Ukraine and West Coast, US. Both of us were born in Ukraine however with the war raging on, we do not have a chance to produce or tour together.  Right now, everything we do is done remotely by us sending ideas and projects back and forth.
The project was born right as the pandemic was unfolding, in early 2020. We released a Depeche Mode – Dream On remix that dropped as our first release and did fairly well, then we spent the next 2 years finishing tracks to fill two full albums. Once we sent some demos to the top Indie Dance / Melodic House & Techno labels, and there was a lot of interest in our music, we decided it makes more sense to start our own label and movement. In mid 2022, we started WeWaves, our own label imprint that will serve as an outlet for our music, plus releases from friends and family. Now, the plan is to release a single or two a month for the next 2 years and showcase to the world, all the blood, sweat and tears that went into our productions.

So you’ve got this lovely new release ’After All’ dropping this month, what can you tell us about the production process behind your music? 

We utilize Ableton and FL Studio as both of us work in different DAWs. When we begin the production process, it always brings with a theme that the track is named after such as ‘Space Knock’ (our first single), and ‘After All’. After All is actually a track one of us dedicated to the other. The message is that after all is said and done, we have each other as friends, family and artists. The production process is centered around percussion and a hook lead/synth that we build the entire track around, giving it that unforgivable essence.

Are there any specific artists (old or new) that you draw inspiration from in your music? 

Prodigy, Depeche Mode, 2PAC, Tale of Us, Justice, Daft Punk, Petra, the list is probably a few pages long, as we love all music.

What’s the main thing that keeps you both ticking and putting in those hours in the studio? 

Family, friends and just curiosity about tech and human creativity/ingenuity. We have been doing this for a long time, so you can say we are creatures of habit. It’s our dream and we are living it.

If you could give one piece of advice to your younger or future self, what would it be?

Work Hard & Be Kind.

What’s coming up next for you next that you’d like to plug here for the readers?

We already have a 1 hour mix of all of our unreleased, original music. We are extremely proud of the work and are looking forward to connecting with our future fans and sharing our sound with the world.
Our next release ‘Robo Cricket’ is coming soon and just wait until you hear it. All we have to say, it is one of the tracks on our 1 hour exclusive mix.


Title: After All
Release Date: 2022-11-29

Turn it up & enjoy!