New Orleans is Desert Disco Records’ second release and Label boss Ind Ra’s debut single. A 20 year veteran of the Indian underground music scene, Ind Ra is no stranger to the festival circuit and the release is a step towards a new direction since moving to London.

Ind Ra translates his understanding of dance floor psychology into the track which is dark, moody & melodic.

He brings back dark minimal sound to the melodic techno space with the single, whose pulsating bassline shifts and twists as the track progresses. The evolving percussion keeps the listener engaged and anticipating the next elements, and the melodic lead build up frenzy with a perfect release. Specifically made keeping the dance floor in mind, it is a sure shot weapon which can change the energy on the floor at any point in a set.

Artist: Ind Ra
Title: New Orleans
Label: Desert Disco Records
Release Date: 2021-05-28

Turn it up & enjoy!